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转基因动物 transgenic animal 倡廉 fight corruption and build a clean government 全球第二大经济体 the world's second-largest economy 中国人民深知实现国家繁荣富强的艰辛,对各国人民取得的发展成就都点 赞,都为他们祝福,都希望他们的日子越过越好,不会犯“红眼病”,不会抱怨他 人从中国发展中得到了巨大机遇和丰厚回报。

We Chinese know only too well what it takes to achieve prosperity, so we applaud the achievements made by others and wish them a better future. We are not jealous of others’ success; and we will not complain about others who have benefited so much from the great opportunities presented by China’s development. 中国立足自身国情和实践,从中华文明中汲取智慧,博采东西方各家之长, 坚守但不僵化,借鉴但不照搬,在不断探索中形成了自己的发展道路。

China has in the past years succeeded in embarking on a development path that suits itself by drawing on both the wisdom of its civilization and the practices of other countries in both East and West. In exploring this path, China refuses to stay insensitive to the changing times or to blindly follow in others’ footsteps. 搞保护主义如同把自己关进黑屋子,看似躲过了风吹雨打,但也隔绝了阳光 和空气。


Pursuing protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room. While wind and rain may be kept outside, that dark room will also block light and air. No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war. 真正的敌人不是我们的邻国,而是饥饿、贫穷、无知、迷信和偏见。

Our real enemy is not the neighboring country; it is hunger, poverty, ignorance, superstition and prejudice. 世界经济的大海,你要还是不要,都在那儿,是回避不了的。

Whether you like it or not, the global economy is the big ocean that you cannot escape from. 甘瓜抱苦蒂,美枣生荆棘。

Honey melons hang on bitter vines; sweet dates grow on thistles and thorns. 民办养老服务 privately owned elderly care service 社区养老服务 community nursing service 基本医保 basic healthcare insurance system 积力之所举,则无不胜也;众智之所为,则无不成也。

Victory is ensured when people pool their strength; success is secured when people put their heads together. 大道之行也,天下为公。

A just cause should be pursued for common good. 小智治事,大智治制。

People with petty shrewdness attend to trivial matters, while people with vision attend to governance of institutions. 假身份 assumed identity 保持低调 keep a low profile 素颜 without any makeup 付费订阅 pay-to-read/paid content 生态红线 the ecological red line 生态空间 ecospace 新发展理念 the new vision on development 原始创新 original innovation

世界科技前沿 frontier trends in science and technology 金融资本 financial capital 产业资本 industrial capital 财政引导资金 fund allocated from the central budget 社交媒体上发推 tweet on social media 网瘾 internet addiction 无障碍设施 barrier-free facilities 手游 mobile game 物以稀为贵。

A thing is valued in proportion to its rarity. 生物识别信息 biometric data 仿真系统 simulation system 逃汇 evasion of foreign exchange control 资本流入/外流 capital inflow/outflow 旅行禁令 travel ban 禁穆令 Muslim ban 生态破坏 ecological destruction 假日购物季 holiday shopping season 失信行为 dishonest conduct 金融科技 fintech 春运 Spring Festival travel rush 刷脸进站 "face swiping" check-in 终身责任制 lifelong accountability system

联动发展 inter-connected development 富强民主文明和谐的社会主义现代化国家 a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and modern socialist country 中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦 the Chinese dream of the great national renewal 科技改变世界,创新决定未来。

As science and technology change the world, innovation shapes the future. 真人秀明星 reality show star 重振就业 bring back jobs 权力交接 transition of power

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