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一、单选 ( )31. --What do the neighbours think of Li Lei? --They say he is _____ lucky boy. A. a B. an C. the ( ) 32.-- Mr. Smith will go back to London tomorrow. -- Yes. I will see ______ off at the airport. D. / A. he B. his C. him D. he ’s . ( ) 33. Shenzhou X was sent up into space _______ 5:38 p.m. on June 11, 2013. A.at B.on C. in D. with ( ) 34. --Peter, can you come downstairs and do me a favor? --Yes, mum. I __________. A. came B. come C. comes D. am coming ( ) 35. -- Mr. Wang enjoys _______ stamps. --So he does. A. collect B. to collect C. collecting D. collects ( ) 36. The question is so difficult that ______ students can answer it.. A. a few B. many C. most D. few ( ) 37.-- Where is your father? -- He ______ Xiamen on business. A. will go to B. goes to C. has gone to D. has been to ( ) 38. Lily’s apartment is on the fifteenth _______ of the building and it has a good view. A. room B. part C. floor D. flat )39. A computer _______ think for itself. It’s always told to do things. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. may not ) 40. In China, spring returns in March. The weather _______ warm and the days Are longer. A. gets B. sounds C. smells D. tastes ) 41. The river has become much _______ than before because of the waste water From the factories. A. dirty B. the dirtiest C. dirtiest D. dirtier ) 42. To keep away from germs(细菌), we must not spit ________. A. in danger B. in need C. in the public D. in public ) 43. All the doctors and nurses in this hospital ______ the patients. A. go on B. are patient with C. keep up with D. come up with ) 44. Every morning Mr.Smith takes a ______to his office. A. 20 minutes’ walk B. 20 minutes walk C. 20--minute’s walk D. 20 minute’s walk ) 45. Trees used to be ______ for cooking by the villagers in the 1970s. A. cut up B. cut up C. cut down D. cut off ) 46. China Dream is a great dream. Each of us should try our best to make it _____. A. come true B. grow up C. take place D. realize ) 47. There is only one ticket for Lucy and Susan. So _______ of them will go to the movie. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( A. either B. neither C. both D. all ) 48. The girl____is sitting under the big tree is my cousin. A. whom B. who C. whose D. which ) 49. Textbooks for junior students _______ for free in the most areas of China. A. provide B. provided C. are provided D. were provided ) 50. -- Could you tell me________? -- This way , please. A. where are the special shoes B. where the special shoes were C. where will be the special shoes D. where the special shoes are ) 51. -- I’m leaving for Hangzhou tomorrow. -- _________! A. The same to you B. Have a good time C. Good news D. Thank you ) 52. -- I’m sorry for losing your book. -- _________. A. Never mind B. So careless C. You’re welcome ) 53. -- Would you like to have dinner with me? -- _________. D. It’s serious ( ( ( ( A. That’s all right B. Certainly not C.Yes, I would D. Yes, I’d love to ) 54. -- What about a picnic this Sunday? -- ________. A. Sounds great B. I think so ) 55.-- Do you mind if I play the piano ? -- _________. My baby is sleeping. C. That’s nothing D. Thank you ( 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空限填一词。


__________ _________, I don’t like his new hairstyle at all. 72.父亲和我都喜欢看篮球比赛。

_________ my father _______ I love watching basketball matches. 73.你能告诉我怎样保持健康吗? Could you tell me how to _________ ___________? 74.当别人身处困境时,我们不能嘲笑他们。

We must not ________ ___________ others when they are in trouble. 75.当我到那里的时候,屋里已经挤满了人。

The room was _________ __________ people when I got there. Ⅵ.完型填空(每题 1 分,共 10 分) 。

Jim Smith was a poor boy. One day he was very cold and 76 . He came to a house and asked a young 77 only for a glass water . But the lady was so 78 that she gave him a large glass of hot milk. Jim drank it and then asked, “ 79 should I pay for you ?” “ You don’ t need to pay.” She repl. Jim 80 her from the bottom of his heart. Years later, Jim became a 81 . One day , a woman was sent to his hospital. She was seriously ill. He recognized her at once and decided to 82 to save her life. The operation was successful, but the cost was high. After looking at the woman’s bill , Jim wrote 83 on it. When the woman received the bill , she didn’t dare to look at it. 84 ,something on the side of the bill caught her attention. She began to 85 the following

words: Paid in full with one glass of hot milk. ( ) 76. A. hot B. hungry ( ) 77. A. woman B. man ( ) 78. A. angry B. beautiful ( ) 79. A. When B. Where ( ) 80. A. thanked B. forgot ( ) 81. A. teacher B.worker ( ) 82. A. say hello B. do his best ( ) 83. A. anything B. everything ( ) 84. A. However B. Whenever ( ) 85. A. write B. remember Ⅶ. 阅读理解(每题 2 分, 共 40 分)。

C. cool C. husband C. lucky C. How much C. missed C. doctor C. give away C. nothing C. Especially C. read A D. strong D.waiter D. kind D. Why D. understood D.driver D. get back D. something D. Hardly D. guess Dear Jack, How are you? I have been in the USA for six months. I like the life here. I have a few friends. I don’t have much homework. There are a lot of sports at my school, but I don’t like sports at all. I like the food very much. I eat a lot of different kinds of food every day. I like coke very much. I don’t drink water. I drink coke instead. I’m enjoying my life here. The sad things is that sometimes I get ill. I don’t know why. My parents say I must go on a diet (节食) and do more sports. yours, David 判断下列句子是否符合短文内容。

符合的写“T” ,不符合的写“F” 。

( ) 86. David has been in American for six months. ( ) 87. David has to do much homework. ( ) 88. There are many sports at David’s school. ( ) 89. David likes coke better than water. ( ) 90. David knows why he is often ill. B A young man from a village called Nawalapitiya marr a young woman from Maiyuwa, a small village. They lived with the man’s big family --- his parents, his brothers, their wives and children. The family kept an elephant, in which the woman soon took a great interest. Every day she fed it with fruit and sugar. Three months later, having quarreled with her husband, the woman went back to her parents’ house. Soon the elephant refused to eat and work. It appeared to be ill and heart broken. One morning, after several weeks the animal disappeared from the house. It went to the woman’s home. On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her with it. The young woman was so moved by the act of the animal. So she went back to her husband’s home. ( ) 91. The woman left her new home_________. A.to visit her own parents in Maiyuwa. B.to see if the elephant would follow her. C.because she was angry with her husband

D.because she was tired of the large family ( ( ) 92. The underline word “disappeared” in the reading means. “ ________” A. ran away B. lost C. hid D. remained ) 93. After the young woman left her husband’s home, the elephant ________. A. returned to the forest B. was sad because it missed her C. went to look for a new home D. was sick because nobody fed it ) 94. How did the elephant express its feeling when it saw the young woman? A. It waved its trunk and smiled B. It touched her with its trunk C. It touched her and cr D. It waved its trunk and ran around her ) 95. The writer wrote the story in order to _________. A. show that elephant are very clever B. tell how a woman trained a wild animal C. show that women care more for animals than men do D. tell how an animal got a husband and a wife together again ( ( C According to a new survey, students’ safety has become a big problem. Nearly 50% of students say they are worr about robbery(抢劫) on the way to and from school. Now in main big cities, in China some schools have taught an unusual lesson: self-protection. Students like this lesson because there are no exams or boring classes. And they can learn how to save lives and know how to stop danger before it really happens. Here’s some advice on how to deal with danger. If you are robbed. Keep calm. If you can not cry for help or run away, give the robber your money. Try to remember what the robber looks like and tell the police later. If you are in a traffic accident. If a car hits you, you should remember the car number. If it is a bicycle, try to call your parents before you let the rider go. This is because you don’t know how seriously you are hurt. If it is raining hard and there is lighting(闪电) . Don’t stay in high places and stay away from trees. When there is a fire. Get away as fast as you can. Put wet things on your body and try to find an exit. Do not take the lift. If someone is drowning(溺水). If you can’t swim, don’t get into the water. Cry out for help. Remember that danger is never as far away as you think. Take care of yourself at all times! ( ) 96. Why do students like the self-protection lesson? (1)Because there are no tests. (2) Because the lesson is boring. (3) Because they can learn how to save lives. (4)Because they know how to stop danger before it happens. A. (1), (2) B. (2), (3) C. (1), (2), (4) D. (1), (3), (4) ( ) 97. What will you do if a bicycle hurts you ? A. I will remember the bicycle number. B.I won’t let the rider go until I call my parents. C.I will let the rider go before I call my parents.

D.I will let the rider go because I know how seriously I am hurt. ( ) 98. If your house is on fire , you must ________. A.put dry things on your body. B.run quickly and take the lift C.run away and find an exit as quickly as you can D.take everything you have and then run away ( ) 99. There are ________ ways of self-protection mentioned in the passage. A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6 ( ) 100. The best title for this passage is ____________. A. How to Keep Calm B. Self-protection C. Unusual lesson D. Danger D 任务型阅读。


I and many other people in Britain love charity(慈善) shops because we can find them on every street. The charity shops sell all kinds of things and they are very cheap. The first charity shop was opened by Oxfam in 1947. Now there are over 7,000 charity shops in the UK. My favourite charity shop in my hometown is the Red Cross Shop. There I always find children’s books , all 10 to 20 pence each. They are really cheap. Most of the shop workers in charity shops are volunteers(志愿者) , _______ each shop has a manager and he gets some money. Every morning you see bags of things outside the shops. Some people bring and put them there without waiting for thanks. In fact, over 90% of the things in charity shops are from kind people. All the money the shops get goes to charity work. Charity shops raise more than 110 million pounds every year. The money is for sick and poor children, homeless and disabled people, and many others. In a charity shop you can get cheap but nice things. You might even feel special while shopping. If possible, let’s do something for charity together . 101. What do the charity shops sell? ________________________________________________________________________ 102. 从短文中找出可以替换下面所给句子的一句话。

Oxfam opened the first charity shop in 1947. ________________________________________________________________________ 103. 在短文第三段的空白处填入一个适当的连词,使句意完整、通顺。

________________________________________________________________________ 104. How much do charity shops raise every year? ________________________________________________________________________ 105.将短文画线部分(第五段)的英语句子译成汉语。

________________________________________________________________________ Ⅷ 补全对话(每题 1 分,共 5 分) 。


A. What time will it begin? B. Maybe she has one. C.Would you like to come? D. I must finish my homework first. E Here you are. Dick: Excuse me, Have you got a dictionary? Lucy: Sorry, I haven’t. You may ask Linda. 106 . Dick: Excuse me, Linda, Have you got a dictionary? Linda: Yes. 107 Dick: Thank you so much. I’ll give it back to you soon. By the way, tomorrow is my birthday 108 Linda: Yes, I’d love to. 109 Dick: About seven o’clock. Linda: I’ll try to be there on time, but 110 . Dick: It doesn’t matter. Work must come first. 106._________ 107. ________ 108.________ 109._________ 110._________ IX.书面表达(10 分) 请以“My favourite school life”为题写篇英语作文。

要求:1. 条理清楚、语句通顺、语法正确、书写规范; 2. 文中不得出现真实姓名和校名; 3. 所词汇仅供参考,考生可自由发挥; 4. 词数:70 词左右。

参考词汇: subjects, take part in, school activities, get on well with, meaningful, colourful __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

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